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Needle Free Injection

Medicine and vaccine injectors
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MIT specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of needle free jet injectors for veterinary (AGRO-JET ®) and human (MED-JET ®) applications. A state of the art, safe, fast, reliable, accurate and simple way to inject medicine.

Syringe and Needle Injection : The injected medication is deposited in a bolus or pool of fluid, which displaces the surrounding tissue. It is then absorbed from the periphery to the center of the bolus by the surrounding absorbent tissue. Due to the limited tissue contact, absorbtion is generally slower than the jet injection.

Injection Gun

Jet Injection : The injected medication disperses in a mist or spray effect as it enters the dermal, subcutaneous or the intramuscular tissue. The minute fluid particles of medication are then in close contact with the absorbent tissue. The rate of absorbtion increases as the surface area to which the medication is exposed in reduced trauma to the site.

Benefits :
  - Less pain and stress
  - Reduces tissue damage
  - Provides high absorption rate
  - No biological waste
  - Highly cost effective
  - Significant time savings
  - No cross contamination
  - Allows intradermal, subcutaneous or intra-muscular injections

Available in different models with fixed or adjustable doses

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Administering vaccines and other drugs through the skin without the use of conventional needles.

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