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Château Lincoln Apartment Hotel in Montreal (for travelers, vacation, tourism)
Appartment Hotel Location in Montreal (Apartment Canada)

Apartment tower for travelers in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). Short and long term rental. Apartment hotel style accomodation (budget accomodation Montreal). They have furnished and unfurnished (non-furnished) apartments.

Telephone (514) 931-7271

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Montreal's unique underground city
(Norman P. Goldman)
One of the most fascinating attractions of Montréal is its unique underground city extending over an area of approximately 30 kilometres. In fact, this underground city is the largest in the world. Did you know that in Montréal it is possible to live, work, eat, entertain yourself and others, exercise and probably do any other activity you can think of entirely underground?

Montreal Toujours l'amour!
(Bobby Stevens)
New Year's in Montreal is always a trip. The city parties for a week. And everyone wishes everyone else "Beaucoup de santé!" (good health), "because without that," they explain, "nothing else matters." It's a simple truth, and an example of just how right Quebecers have got it...

Getting to know Montreal
(Herbert Bailey Livesey)
Downtown--This area contains the most striking elements of the dramatic Montréal skyline and includes the main railroad station, as well as most of the city's luxury and first-class hotels, principal museums, corporate headquarters, and largest department stores. This area is loosely bounded by rue Sherbrooke to the north, boulevard René-Lévesque to the south, boulevard St-Laurent to the east, and rue Drummond to the west. Downtown Montréal incorporates the neighborhood formerly known as "The Golden Square Mile," an Anglophone district once characterized by dozens of mansions erected by the wealthy Scottish and English merchants and industrialists who dominated the city's politics and social life well into this century. Many of those stately homes were torn down when skyscrapers began to rise here after World War II, but some remain, often converted to institutional use. At the northern edge of the downtown area is the urban campus of prestigious McGill University, which retains its Anglophone identity...

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